(without having to spend hours each day writing posts or live streaming all the time)
What if you Could generate new leads every day and convert them into clients faster than ever by simply using a facebook™️ group?
(without having to spend hours each day writing posts or live streaming all the time)
You see other online business owners getting leads and sales from their groups but you still haven't personally cracked that code.

You've tried many different ways to organically attract new leads online, maybe even lost some money on ads, but the predicable system for sales is just not there (yet!)
The Truth Is..
(But your competitors are getting to them first!)

Your dream clients are eagerly looking to pay someone to help solve their problems and if they don't get to you in time, (and there is no sales proccess in place), they will buy from someone else. 
The PRoblem is...
What you are currently spending time on is NOT resulting in HOT leads and NEW clients!

All the time you are currently spending has probably resulted in:

Little to no views on your live streams and posts...

A totally inactive dead group that won't seem to wake up let alone see any of your content...

Rarely getting new leads into your group (or quality ones)

No proven system to convert leads from brand new to closed as a client as quickly as possible...

Maybe you are already getting few likes and comments on your live streams and posts

Perhaps you get a few organic new group members each week

Sometimes they look like a good lead but you aren't sure what the path for converting them into a client looks like... 

It's not that FB groups won't ever work for you.

But you do need a focused strategy. 

One that attracts your ideal clients.

One that gets your future clients to ASK YOU how you can help them...
And hey, I've been there too... I used to think I needed to have a TON of group members to get clients using FB.

But I soon learned it wasn't about having a BIG group but having a strategy that converted the highest percentage of group members into clients as possible. 

The great thing about groups is that YOU are the leader, the head honcho, and your members are looking up to you for solutions.

The secret isn’t going live every day and posting 5 times a day…

The secret is having a system to take leads from Cold to Closed QUICKLY with your group.

And I’ve made it easy for you to build a lead generating, client-getting FB group with a step-by-step system...


Ultimate Group Playbook


Every day attracting new target market leads into your FB group who are looking for the solution to the exact problem you solve...

Crafting content that strategically prepares your audience to want to work with you and actually have them reaching out to you asking about your offers...

Reverse engineering your income because you know exactly how many new leads you need in your group to hit your income goals...

Stop Attracting Freebie Seekers and The Wrong Leads Into Your Group...
And Start Getting Actual Dream Clients with ULTIMATE GROUP PLAYBOOK


Set Up & Optimize Your Group SEO
($197 value)

✔️ How to set up your group properly or make changes to your existing group so the FB organic search algorithm works in your favor

​✔️Organically and passively attract your ideal leads into your group

✔️Set the tone of the group so your new members make sure to come back each day

Group Set Up Checklist
($47 value)

✔️ ​Know exactly what to do and not miss any steps

​✔️Quickly audit your current group or set up a new one

Fill Your Group Full of Dream Prospects
($197 value)

✔️Organic free methods you can implement today to immediately start attracting new group members

​✔️Simple ways to see an increase in new leads each day

✔️Paid ad strategies for getting new leads into your group

Daily and Weekly Marketing Checklists
($47 value)

✔️ Plan out your day and week with the exact money making activities you should be doing

​✔️Have laser focus and not get side tracked with the steps in front of you

✔️Know that you are getting the highest ROI for your time

Turning Group Members Into Clients 
($197 value)

✔️ Create engaging content that has your group members asking how they can work with you

​✔️Book daily sales calls and have launches that convert

✔️Leave no money on the table knowing that you are monetizing your group from multiple angles

Sales Promo & Content Calendar
($47 value)

✔️ Plan out your calendar system that fits with your schedule

​✔️Create more free time on your calendar

✔️Prepare money making posts ahead of time

Plus Six New Bonuses!

Group Swipes

The templates I use in my own group for crafting descriptions and welcome posts ($47 value) 

Graphics Templates

Easy-to-edit Canva templates so you can create beautiful, easy group assets such as posts and cover photos. ($197 value)

365 Daily Post Swipes

Pre-written posts you can customize and preschedule. Never worry about what to post again! ($297 value) 

Profile Funnels Training

Learn how to get free leads funneling in from your FB profile ($147 value)

Grow Your Email List

You'll get my tutorial on a simple email software I use to collect leads straight from my group. ($47 value)

Email Sequence Templates

Get the exact email sequence I used to welcome new members to my group, engage them from the start, and get them primed to buy. ($147 value)




​Spending time trying to "network" online to grow the group and get new leads but its just not delivering results...

​A few promos or launches in your group and had such low visibility and engagement (let alone sales)

​Running paid ads to grow the group but just lost money and can't seem to crack an ROI
​Working so hard to get a lead only for them to never come back to your group

The ULTIMATE GROUP PLAYBOOK cuts through the fluff and shows you what is actually working today.


You’re probably already investing plenty of time on social media marketing such as writing up value posts and live streaming...

But is that resulting in new clients?

You don't need new fans and lurkers...

You need actual paying clients. 

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall with no proven strategy. 

Have a super clear path to get new leads and convert them into clients. 

I'm handing it to you on a silver platter with the Ultimate Group Playbook

Become the business owner with a tribe of raving fans and buyers who has...

  • A clear vision of the perfect system for growing and monetizing your group
  • The ability to quickly launch programs to your group with very little prep work--whenever you want!
  • No more guilt or panic when you step away from your computer, thinking if you stop constantly marketing you won’t make sales!
  • ​ An easy way to promote something to your community and make sales, anytime!

...for only $27!


I don't just teach this stuff; I actually do it and have proven results. I use this EXACT system for myself and my clients to grow and monetize groups. I am NOT just rehashing tired old strategies the same gurus are copying from each other and repackaging as something "new."

I'm not just a 2 Comma Club recipient...I'm also an online business strategist with 9 years of experience. I've been working in the online marketing space since 2011 and I found quick success by developing my own systems around how I approach marketing and sales. So not only do I know how to implement this stuff with my business and my clients, I understand how to teach these skills to others.

I've helped entrepreneurs make LOTS of money. I've been advising other people seeking to "discover Internet gold" in my groups, courses, and coaching, and I've seen what works and what doesn't. I can help you steer clear of the potholes and keep climbing the ladder of success.

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I help coaches and course creators reach their ideal target market, build their loyal audience, and convert more clients into their programs...all while having fun and feeling fulfilled!

After putting in many hours and stress to build an online marketing agency, I started working in ecommerce and won a Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club award by helping take a business to 3 million dollars.

Realizing though that ecommerce was not my passion, I got into affiliate marketing, started teaching others how to do affiliate marketing and won a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Dream Car Award. 

It wasn't always like that, though. When I first started out trying to make it with my own business, it seemed like everything I touched turned to dirt. I couldn't get anything to work, I was 40k in debt, and I almost had to move back in with my parents!!!

But I kept going, hit more blocks along the way, got thicker skin and learned a TON, and went from almost having to get my 10-year-old car repossessed to having a brand new car paid for by a software company!

Since then, I ran multiple groups, and made multiple 6 figures by selling coaching, consulting, group programs, courses, softwares, and affiliate offers--all to my highly-engaged group!

Going back to my roots of consulting and teaching, I have found my highest passion does not come from selling ecom products or making affiliate commissions, but from teaching others how they can get paid really well by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Know that finding freedom and success with your group is right around the corner...

I was struggling with my FB group for awhile... No one was joining and no one was commenting or liking my posts. It's like I was speaking to crickets. It was so discouraging that I just lost all hope for my group.

After coming across the Ultimate Group Playbook, I was hesitant that groups would work for me, but I decided to give it a shot. I liked that it was really quick to go through and I tried implementing some of the strategies right away. 

It started to work! My group was waking up, new people were requesting to join, and I started enrolling new clients from the group! Thank you!!

Kristine- Health and Fitness Coach

The Ultimate Group Playbook has been a game changer. When I found Rachel I had a few facebook groups that were not working for my business goals. After being a part of her group, it opened my eyes to the possibilities. 

I gained so much from her and could not miss the opportunity to grab this playbook. It blew me away with all the easy to use resources. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to grow their business using FB groups.

Kymone- Business Consultant

I have learned SO MUCH from this FB group training and it was so easy to implement! I have bought a lot of courses and trainings and this one was the most simple I have been through. 

Yes you still need to implement to make it work but it doesn't need to take a ton of time, which I love! My group is consistently growing with people in my target market and it feels great to know that I always have amazing leads to market to.

Margie- Online Business Coach

Since implementing what I learned from the Ultimate Group Playbook, I have drastically increased the number of people in my group, the number of people attending my live streams and engaging, and have been able to make more sales. 

The way Rachel explains things is SO simple and effective. I am a very busy dad and don't have time for fluff. This cuts through all the fluff and gets straigt to the point. If you want to just know exactly what works and ignore the rest, definitely get this Playbook!

James- Digital Product Creator and Affiliate


  • Ready to commit to following a proven strategy so you can stop leaving money on the table
  • Tired of all the freebie seekers that pour into your group but then bounce and are ready for an audience that loves you
  • Searching for a very clear plan that you can implement quickly and easily   
  • ​Eager to put in the work and finally have it pay off 
  • ​You already have what it takes to win, but just need some guidance!


  • You’re not willing to take action and implement what you will learn and the tools I will give you
  • You invent reasons why nothing works for you..."my group is dead"...."they won't buy from me"
  • You expect overnight success without putting in the work
  • You’re not coach-able and won't make the changes you know deep down you need to make
  • You aren't willing to play full out and prefer to keep puttering around with your group

What you get today:

✅ Set Up & Optimize Your Group SEO ($197 value)
✅ Group Set Up Checklist ($47 value)
✅ Fill Your Group Full of Dream Prospects ($197 value)
✅ Daily and Weekly Marketing Checklists ($47 value)
✅ Turning Group Members Into Clients ($197 value)
✅ Sales Promo & Content Calendar ($47 value)
✅ Group Swipes ($47 VALUE)
✅ Graphics Templates ($197 VALUE)
✅ 365 Daily Post Swipes ($297 VALUE)
✅ Profile Funnels Training ($147 VALUE)
✅ Grow Your Email List ($47 VALUE)
✅ Email Sequence Templates ($147 VALUE)



The Ultimate Group Playbook comes with my rock-solid guarantee.

If you decide you don't like my face, my goofy Lives, or my group and business strategies, I'm happy to refund you. 

If you don't find this to be the most actionable, profitable, and repeatable system for growing and monetizing your groups, I'm happy to refund you.

Finally, if if you don’t at the very least see that it's absolutely possible to create a group of RAVING "ready to buy" fans after trying out Ultimate Group Playbook, I'm happy to refund you.

Either way If you’re not happy with the program and over the moon with all the value I packed into it, I will happily refund your money if you let me know within 30 days!


What’s standing in the way of you finally having a group that converts and that you are super proud of?

I know that building a group that's the best in your niche can feel daunting, but I promise it can be fun, simple AND bring in the money you deserve.

Isn't it your time to finally succeed?


This is a special offer at only $397 $17 and the price will be going up soon. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.


What if I'm totally new to business?
Ultimate Group Playbook is exactly what the name implies--it contains all the tools you'll need to get started with your group. Templates, emails, post swipes, how-to's, tutorial...it's all designed to get you launched ASAP so you don't have to go watch a million training videos and buy a bunch of different courses. 

How is this different from the other group growth programs out there?
This entire program is designed so that you can consume the content quickly and take action immediately. No months spent going through endless videos and worksheets--all videos can be watched in a single evening and you can take action on everything I teach without having to spend still more money.
What if I am not good at sales?
The great thing about having an online group or community is that if you provide enough value and engage them consistently, it will never feel like selling. If people know, like, and trust you...they will buy from you. If you show up, do the work, and create the right content, you can bring in an income that feels passive but is actually the payoff of you showing up consistently everyday!
How do I know if this will work?
Just remember that there is no such thing as truly passive income...you still have to show up and do the work. But since I am teaching you the exact strategies that enabled me to quickly grow my group to 6K and make multiple 6 figures from it, I know that anyone who implements the same strategies will see results too.
 What if I decide this isn't for me?
Running online groups actually ISN'T for everyone...you have to genuinely like interacting with people, have the energy and enthusiasm to show up every day, and knowing how to teach doesn't hurt either!

But also if you aren't completely happy and satisfied, I don't want your money--really! I care about your satisfaction more than anything else.

If within 30 days of buying you decide you want to scrap the whole thing, just contact us for a full refund!
 When do I get access to the files and membership area?
You will get an email from me immediately after your purchase, with the link to access your membership portal where you'll find all of the files and videos.
 Why so cheap?
I want you to experience quick wins and I want to be the catalyst to help you do that. If you love working with me, I'm hoping you'll decide to work with me in the future in other capacities, like my IMPACT coaching program so I can see you through to even greater success! 

Grow and Monetize Your Group Today!

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